The Amazing Doctor
Incarnation 6
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Character Edit

The AMAZING Doctor is a groundbreaking portrayal of the character, which re-invents him in a new and exciting way! see the Doctor as you've never seen him before!

AMAZING travels the universe, usually alone because, after all, he is the lonely god. He likes to brood and think about the Time War a lot, however this doesn't stop him from being cheeky and fun times!

The Doctor is clever and smart, and will often figure out the villains plan even before they have a chance to explain it all to him. He's the most human of the Doctors, having enormous compassion and emotional depth, often represented by the bearing of his bottom teeth.

Friends and Allies Edit

The AMAZING Doctor usually travels alone because he's so amazing he doesn't need anyone one else even if he could find actors to play them.

A Fish Edit

As shown in the mini-sode 'Fish Call', the Doctor briefly traveled with a fish he met in a pond while in a strangers garden. The Doctor asked the fish to travel with him as he felt like the fish was the first person he'd met in ages that he could truly trust. Although not shown, the fish left the Doctor just before he went off to take part in the Multi-Doctor story; 'Too Many Dr. Whos?'

CyberBrig Edit

CyberBrig is the half human, half cybernetic leader of UNIT, a military organization that fights the alien menaces on earth. He's basically a Cyberman with a fake moustache stuck on. He has a tough and very British personalty, and enjoys a stiff drink when he's not punching evil in the face. The conflict between his Cyber implants and his Human self are a constant source of emotional conflict, even though this is never shown in any episodes.

Time Agent Lee Edit

A Time Agent from the future, who traveled back to present day in order to avenge the death of his brother 'Spartacus', who he wrongly thought to have been murdered by the Doctor. However, the Doctor manages to convince Lee that he is innocent, with an epic and very well written speech, and so Lee becomes the Doctor's temporary companion.

Outfit Edit

He originally wore a brown jacket, white shirt, and blue tie, however after a really really dark adventure the AMAZING incarnation was changed by the experience, and became darker and more brooding. This isn't shown in his performance, but rather in a slight costume change to a black shirt and jacket. He also now wears a ring, a bit like the 12th Doctor did, and for some reason it's in the shape of a butterfly. Perhaps representing the butterfly effect, a time travel effect where one tiny change can create huge changes through-out all of time.

Adventures Edit

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