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Character Edit

Dr. Who? starts off as very eccentric, and possibly mad. But, by the time of his regeneration, he is a grumpy little sod. He has a knack for escaping inevitable deaths and for meeting the worst possible people.

Friends and Allies Edit

The Brigadier Edit

The Brigadier, or Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, is the leader of the British branch of the military organisation known as UNIT. He has a tough and very British personalty, and enjoys a stiff drink when he's not punching evil in the face (or getting Benton to do it for him).

Dave Edit

Dave is a tribal creature, who loves to feast on 'neeple', and has a tendency to call other people 'sire'. He has a hunchback apperance, with little to no intelligence, but he can be deadly when angered. Unlike other Chalkey Pitarians, Dave does not tend to hide a lot.

Outfit Edit

His costume alternates between a light grey tweed coat and a brown coat usually accompanied by his trademark Dr. Who? Scarf™ (available from all good stockists). Under this he wears a tweed waistcoat with shirt and occasionally, a tie or cravat.

Adventures Edit

Series 4 Edit

The Creature From the Shit Edit

Dr. Who? meets Dave, who is hungry...for neeple!

The Assassin of Death Edit

Dr. Who? is hunted down by am assasinn who claims that Dr. Who? has killed his brother!

The Foreshadowing Dream Edit

Dr. Who? has a strange dream in which he sees a glimpse of his future.

The Set of The Doctor Edit

Dr. Who? is pestered by members of 'The Dweek Area' for 'set reports'.

The Church of Davros Edit

Dr. Who? encounters an old enemy... that has his own religious following!?

The Meth in Devon Edit

Dr. Who? and Dave return to Earth to assist UNIT in dealing with some Cybermen drug dealers.