Proper Bonkers Doctor
Incarnation 5
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Character Edit

The Proper Bonkers Doctor likes to run around and shout his stock catchphrase "WOW!" at others. His adventures often end with him #savingtheday using the sonic screwdriver. He likes custard creams, but often mistakes them for TARDIS self-destruct buttons.

Friends and Allies Edit

Ninja Bob Edit

Ninja Bob is a wise, powerful individual who taught The Doctor many martial arts, including sonicjitzu. However, Bob was later killed by the Evil Lamps.

Outfit Edit

The Proper Bonkers Doctor's Outfit is quite dark, consisting of a Dark Blue coat and a red or black shirt, with the occasional waistcoat or hoodie to accompany it. However, he also wears some completely stylish converse shoes, making him look like a cool guy. After the events of Too Many Doctor Who?s, The Proper Bonkers Doctor got a new, black, longcoat.

Adventures Edit

Series 1 Edit

The New Doctor Edit

Upon Regeneration, The Doctor decided to figure out his new personality by eating different types of food. He eventually settled on a custard cream. He then changed his outfit into his new one, as he showed distaste for his previous incarnation's sense of style.

The Evil Emojis Edit

The Doctor located a disturbance in time, and decided to investigate it, finding that evil versions of emojis had escaped from the internet. Luckily, The Doctor managed to save the Day using his sonic screwdriver.

Day of The Ninja Edit

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The Lamps of Death Edit

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The Anti-Doctor Edit

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Series 2 Edit

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